Goat Cheese Products

Rainbeau Ridge's 2012 goat cheese season was a great one and we were thrilled to be able to participate in farmers' markets, to have our cheese carried at specialty food stores and to have our cheese included on menus of esteemed restaurants.  We are happy that the cheesehouse was so busy this past season and we are looking forward to a restful winter off-season.  The does have been bred and the 2013 kidding season is expected to begin in March. 

Rainbeau Ridge hand-ladled goat cheese is made practically in your backyard.
Nestled in a corner of Bedford Hills, New York, Rainbeau Ridge is home to a herd of Alpine goats, all of whom were born on the farm. Starting with two milking does in 2002, Lisa Schwartz (the farm’s creator and cheesemaker) has learned to milk goats, assist her does with kidding and make wonderfully fresh goat cheese. Each of the Alpine goats is milked twice a day and, on average, we get one gallon of goat milk each day from each of our Aplines.

Trained in France by cheesemaker, Sylvianne, and goat herdsman husband, Yves, Lisa continues to explore the craft and looks forward to offering several varieties during the season.
Made fresh daily, the cheese is simple, not goaty. Sometimes ash-coated and sometimes aged, other variations include mixed herb, li’l bloom, chevre logs, and cranberry walnut, to name a few.

Rainbeau Ridge cheese has taken home First Place Blue Ribbons and other awards from the American Cheese Society as well as the Good Food Awards!

We will update availability information for 2013, so come back here again.  

Introducing the delicious cheese varieties:


Fresh, farmstead pasteurized goat milk cheese in 5” rounds (approximately 7 ounces)


Ash-coated or ash/veined round (round with ash vein in middle and coated in same)


Similar to a Valençay, this lightly aged cheese is slightly drier than the rounds; with an evolving taste and texture

Li'l Bloom:

Similar to a Valençay, this lightly aged cheese is slightly drier than the rounds; with an evolving taste and texture


Craisin & walnut; sage; mixed herb; other varieties available seasonally; 8 oz. deli pack

Chef's Choice:

Unmolded, soft curds packed in convenient deli containers, easy to use in your signature dishes. Minimum two pounds; available only to the trade

For trade inquiries, please contact Lisa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .