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Our Mission

Sustainable Agriculture in Bedford, New York

Tucked into a quiet corner of Bedford Hills off a dirt road, Rainbeau Ridge is the embodiment of a dream. Created in 2002 by Lisa Schwartz and her husband, Mark, with a fascination, appreciation and respect for the natural resources available in their own backyard, the Schwartz’s are focused on recapturing the gentleman’s farm that once encompassed this space and on sharing this open space, and its products, with others.

Rainbeau Ridge includes a small-scale egg operation, organic vegetable gardens, a restored orchard, small pastures and barns designed for the farm’s many animals, a cheese house, where Lisa cultivates her award-winning farmstead goat milk cheese, and an apiary whose hives are managed by Lisa's sister, Karen.

Now an important center of neighbor and community life, the farm also offers a variety of educational programs for children and adults.

Use this web site to discover the farm; view slide shows of the people, projects and animals. Learn more about the Rainbeau Ridge community and philosophy. Sign up for our e-mail list and receive preferred notification for events and other special offers.

Since its inception in 2002, Rainbeau Ridge has been committed to the principle that farming can be an important part of the social, cultural, educational and commercial activity that ties a local community together.

In its short history, Rainbeau Ridge has become a meaningful part of the Northern Westchester community.

• We have produced high quality, organically based agricultural products that we distribute primarily through our CAP (community agricultural partnership) program and through sales of farmstead cheese to restaurants and to retail stores.

• We have created an exciting learning environment -- classes about healthy living, including seasonal cooking classes from renowned local and regional chefs, and children can participatea> in hands-on activities ranging from caring for farm animals to tapping maple trees to growing vegetables.

• We have provided a comfortable environment where neighbors can meet and socialize and community organizations can promote the values of sustainable agriculture, healthy living and resource preservation.

In all of these activities, Rainbeau Ridge is committed to demonstrating that local farming can once again be an important cornerstone of community life.

Specifically, we strive to:

1. Preserve and protect land and water resources through high quality, small scale, organic farming;

2. Demonstrate sustainability and core values associated with farming;

3. Enhance the quality of life, sharing best practices and experiences with our extended neighbors as we participate in the rich cycles of nature.